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Shall I Buy the 24 DVD?

29 August 2003

24 has finished its run on the BBC and I’m already pining for it. Shall I buy the DVD? I bought the First Series DVD, but that was mainly because I missed loads of it.

This time round I saw most of the episodes, and to be truthful I preferred the more insane plot twists in the first one (sudden amnesia, new baddies appearing, Dennis Hopper) whereas this series could only boast the odd treachery and Jim Robinson from Neighbours.

But dammit, it’s still the best thing on TV by miles.

Actually I should really get into some stuff I haven’t already seen, like the West Wing, which is meant to be great – Amazon keep on sending me emails telling me of their special offers…

“Heads, Shoulders…”

29 August 2003

This is absolute genius.

(as you may suspect, via b3ta)

Overheard on the Tube…

25 August 2003

Osama Bin Laden is like the Tupac Shakur of the terrorist world. He’s dead, but they keep re-releasing old statements of his.

The top 10 things themanwhofellasleep overhears on the Tube every week. Inspired.

I am back in the UK, by the way. The Baltics were very nice. More on them soon.

…and now in Vilnius

17 August 2003

Now in Vilnius. It’s very pretty. I thoroughly recommend it.

Sorry for the poor quality of these messages, they will improve once I get back to England.

Hello from Riga

10 August 2003

Hi people.

In Riga, the capital of Latvia, at the moment.

Sorry about the site being down, it’s all the SRCF’s fault.