Makes Google look like a Part IB Project…

Wow. Amazon have got a new feature – you can now search inside books as well as their titles.

Apart from the bog-standard geek fascination as to how they pulled this off, this also offers an intriguing new way of, for example, tracking obscure references or quotes or checking for plagiarism, as well as the potential for doing all the silly things you did with Google – searching for yourself/friends/family, for example. We could even come up with the sport of “AmazonWhacking”…

Jim Davidson: Twat

…I was going to link to a BBC article about how he refused to perform unless disabled people were moved away from the front of the auditorium, but why give the fucker more publicity? Regardless of this latest story, it goes without saying he’s a complete twat.

Alternative Dilbert

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has invited five other artists to write his strip for him this week, which is quite an interesting concept. I recall one April Fools’ Day a load of cartoonists all swapped strips for the day, this is an amusing extension of it – like bands doing covers as a tribute, I suppose…

Speaking of comics, my friend Mark‘s comic Bob’s Your Uncle is doing well in the Top Web Comics list (11th the last time I looked…). Check it out.

New version of Firebird out

This may be slightly oldish news, but Mozilla Firebird 0.7 is out now. Firebird is an alternative web browser, for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. It’s fast (runs nicely on my cranky old Pentium III), open source (so you can stick it to Bill Gates) and has some damn good features, like tabbed windows (no more millions of windows or cluttered toolbar), banning pop-up windows and blocking images (no more annoying adverts), a skinnable user interface (although at the moment most skins aren’t compatible with the new version…grrrr), lots of customisation options, and it’s only a 6MB download. It rocks. It could beat IE in a fight with one hand tied behind its back. Go download it now.