Minor fame, weekend recovery

29 March 2004

Sunday’s edition of Broadcasting House on Radio 4 was nice – they very briefly mentioned the Daily Mail-o-matic (although the presenter erroneously said he had downloaded it, which I think unlikely), although they didn’t give out the URL. The show is available online to listen to [RealAudio], the important bit is about 46:30 in.

Oh, and apologies for the random entries made early yesterday morning – I blame Damian.

3 Responses

Yes. Damian’s fault.

A likely story.


I heard that, and was puzzled, I hope you e – mailed them to claim credit.

( and demand a royalty fee)

I suspect they didn’t because of the URL, or because they might inadvertently promote Alastair Campbell’s Wheel of Retribution with it and get into even more trouble. Happily, a Google search for it produces the desired result, so people can find it without too much trouble.