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More harmony

28 March 2004

“Transmission” by Joy Division and the new Will Young video – a match made in heaven.

I am now worried by compulsion to blog anything and everything that I think. Oh well.


28 March 2004

We’ve just found out that the Flaming Lips’ “She Don’t Use Jelly” plays perfectly in time with the video Peter Andre’s “Mysterous Girl”. No, really it does.

Dear me…

27 March 2004

Dinky – FutureMe allows you to send emails to yourself in the future, so you can check up on whether you got the job/partner/house/whatever you’re dreaming about. Or remind yourself to take the rubbish out. As well as that, you can also read other people’s emails to themselves, most are pretty run-of-the-mill stuff but the odd one is amusing.

Supersize Me!

26 March 2004

McDonald’s to launch own clothing range. Presumably they will be predominantly in XL size?

Early CD Extras

26 March 2004

One (annoying) feature of the modern CD is the stupid PC extras (videos, secret web links), of relatively little quality or merit, that come hidden away on them and serve little purpose except annoy you when you try and play it on your computer. They’re crap. But much cooler are their precursors – Spectrum games encoded in audio on Vinyl LPs. I don’t know why, especially as the data would have sounded awful if played by accident on your hi-fi, and most of the extras were crap (though the HAIL SATAN one is a gem), but there’s something wonderfully woo and retro about them.

Dodgy sacking

26 March 2004

Spotted this story on the Register about someone who has been sacked from CIS for allegedly posting abusive messages on a web board from work. The scary bit about it is this quote from the (former) personnel manager:

“She was quite clearly identified through her email address and had anyone seen what was being communicated it would have reflected very badly on the chief executive [and] the CIS as a whole.”

The article implies that there was no other evidence it was her who posted the offending material. If so, then the messages could have been anyone who had compromised her account or someone just pretending to be her. Trying to identify anyone using just an email address is ludicrous, you’d have to be a complete incompetent to believe it was conclusive evidence. If there is no further evidence against her, then the CIS should be suitably punished for its stupidity.

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