I see red, I see red, I see red…

27 April 2004

A really excellent Flash presentation (warning, 1.3MB) by Tim Ireland, in response to this. It neatly highlights everything shit Labour has done, but how much shitter it would have been under the Tories. Go see it.

5 Responses

That is brilliant.

Wish it had been slightly slower so I could actually have read more of the text, though.



Armand, it goes pretty fast because basically it is a video representation of how both Tim and myself feel about the topic. Tim’s thinking of putting together a transcript of it, but it is one of those videos that – I think – rewards repeat viewings. Glad you enjoyed it though. Thanks. Clive

I think the speed makes it fab, particularly when the little arrows with the word “Twat” start appearing around Tim Yeo.

Transcript/Powerpoint presentation/something – looks like some good research went into it. Would be good to have it on tap…!

Good stuff, though: public service much.