New Iraqi Flag

New Iraqi Flag

It’s quite ugly, isn’t it? Most vexillologists agree. But that’s the least of the new flag’s problems. It doesn’t contain any green (the colour most associated with Islam) nor any red (which is associated with the Arabs). While the Kurds get a yellow stripe to represent them, the Arabs and Turkomens don’t get anything. What has alienated the Iraqis most is that it looks a bit too much like the Israeli flag. While the old flag is perhaps too interlinked with the old Ba’athist regime to be used in the future, they surely could come up with something better than this?

Random, related link – a nifty Flash flag finder, which will work out what country a particularly patterned flag belongs to.

5 thoughts on “New Iraqi Flag

  1. It looks like the bastard fusion of an old BBC 2 masthead and the Ikea logo. Presumably drawn up on the back of a fagpacket at the Pentagon.

    God, hasn’t that country suffered enough.

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