2 thoughts on “Twice is nice

  1. I just love the fact that the goss went around the village and people came round in dressing gowns to make sure they got their money doubled.

    It’s a feat to make Kahya proud.

  2. Ah, I could remember the good old days, when you could get fivers out of an ATM. (Preferably when you asked for one.)

    There was a scam in the late 80s where you could get huge amounts of money out of ATMs. If you got a bit of cashcard-sized plastic, put some video tape on the back of it and then stuck it into the machine, you could then enter any random set of numbers as a PIN and withdraw anything up to the cash limit per customer! Of course, the banks soon caught on, and ATM machines these days are much smarter… (Sigh!)

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