I hate Ctrl+W

Spurred on by a bout of insomnia and this bloody good album, I spent best part of an hour last night writing a long blog entry, then as I was reading back through the damn thing I hit Ctrl+W by accident, which killed the tab with all my hard work in it. Aaargh. Why did they put the quit shortcut key in a place where you can easily hit it? Someone should invent some sort of Mozilla/Firefox extension that either disables Ctrl+W or (better still) checks to see if you’ve been writing in a textarea and asks you if you’re sure you wanted to quit. Would save lots of frustration.

Will rewrite the entry (in a way, it’s a blessing as it was starting to ramble, I have a chance to rethink it and cut out the cruft) when I have an free moment or two.

4 thoughts on “I hate Ctrl+W

  1. No, it doesn’t. :-(

    Tab Extensions is a bit buggy anyway – I’ve found it doesnt work properly with some popup links (I think it’s ones that have been written with non-JS browsers in mind with both and href and an onclick handler, so you can follow a link in the same window if no popup is generated).

    To work out if any textareas in a page have been filled isn’t particularly hard to do in JavaScript, if I knew anything about building extensions I’d do it myself…hmmm, I can see how I might spend most of this evening now…

  2. I can empathise. I’ve lost the contents of textboxes in HTML forms more times than I can count: if you’re a vi user, you tend to have a habit of pressing Escape after you’ve finished typing in a block of text…

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