Slip of the tongue

Was it me, or did Kirsty Wark on Newsnight just refer to the US Attorney General as “John Gashcroft”? Has she been looking at this (NSFW) too much?

Update: Have just re-watched the archived web version and she also calls him “Richard” rather than “John”. Doh!

Further Update: And she called the Home Secretary “David Spunkett”. Was the autocue operator having a laugh?

2 thoughts on “Slip of the tongue

  1. Exactly the same reaction here – the first thing I heard was “Gashcroft”, and then a few seconds later, realised she’d said “Richard” as well…

    Suggested headline – Attorney General: “It’s just sex and violence, melody and silence”

    Didn’t hear Spunkett, though.

  2. The “Spunkett” sounds more like a glitch in the Real Audio compression than Kirsty getting confused (I don’t remember her saying it on the TV). But I like the sound of “Spunkett” – like it’s his porn star alter-ego or something…

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