Tebbit says that gays make you fat?

Much has been said about Norman Tebbit saying rising obesity is due to more equality for homosexuals. Allegedly. But what he actually said was:

“Families now so seldom eat together. They don’t prepare meals properly. Wives are pressured into thinking they ought to go to work instead of looking after children. And it is the breakdown of family that is at the root of it.


“We not only have an epidemic of obesity, we have a huge problem of Aids and the Government’s attitude is to do all it can to promote buggery. Maybe those two are somewhat intimately connected.”

Now, what two things are intimately connected? Gay sex and obesity, or gay sex and AIDS? The former interpretation is just absurd, so absurd I don’t think he could have meant it. The latter is far more sinister, and I believe this was the message he was trying to get across. If he did mean it that way, then Tebbitt is trying to spread the ignorant view that AIDS is merely a “gay plague” despite the rapidly climbing infection rates amongst heterosexuals.

So the press have got it wrong, probably, though quite neatly, their misinterpretation has meant the far more poisonous meaning behind it has not been properly aired. And Tebbit’s been made to look like a fool. So not all that bad then.

One thought on “Tebbit says that gays make you fat?

  1. Oh, Chris, but don’t you know the spread of AIDS in the hetero population is only a result of those damn dirty bisexuals? I hates them.

    Possible future b3ta contest – advertising campaign to promote buggery.

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