The delights of commercial TV

29 June 2004

Kelvin MacKenzie calls for the dismantlement of the BBC, and scrapping the notion of the licence fee, saying a licence-funded BBC “is not required and could be paid for by commercial forces.”

Meanwhile, over on ITV now… Dumb Foreigners

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Clearly great minds think alike (my journal). Classic example of the way the BBC will go without charter renewal.

Oh yes, we should all trust in Kelvin ‘My Favourite Word Is Cxxt’ MckEnzie, don’t we? The fact that he ran L!ve TV into the ground, got sued to oblivion by Elton John, slandered the whole of Liverpool and peddled racist trash in his squalid rag (The Saaaahn) does of course make him an expert in quality media and indeed how to run it.

I believe the term ‘Stupid Mockney Wanker’ leaps to mind…

Intriguing that what people were complaining about was the inadvertent inclusion of the Scottish flag in Dumb Foreigners… not the fact that the twunts were screening a show called Dumb Foreigners in the first place. Jesus.

People who bleat on about how multi-channel commercial television can produce the kind of quality we look for in PSB should take a look at HBO in the States (which Professor Michael Tracey, a leading TV snob, has claimed is effectively a Public Service Broadcaster). Yes, they’re responsible for pretty much half of the high-quality American shows regulalrly trumpeted by commercial TV advocates. But about 95% of what they broadcast is cheap-rights movies – they use just about all their budget on a few high-profile, must-watch series. They do it brilliantly, of course, but it’s hardly a model for what we’d like the BBC to look like, is it? And it sure as hell isn’t Public Sevice. It’s just a canny business plan.

The question of what PSB actually is, though, is considerably trickier. To “inform, educate, and entertain” can mean just about anything…