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30 July 2004

Today is my last day in my current job, and tomorrow I move out of Cambridge, back to London. It’s been a lovely two years working at CARET, and I’m going to miss it (and my salary!) dearly. But new horizons await me.

I’m off to Edinburgh University to start a Masters degree in September, in the meantime I’ll be preparing for it back home in London. I’ll have less Internet access there, and I’ll be concentrating on course preparions, so my blogging output will be reduced over the coming month or two, but I’ll do my best to occasionally communicate via teh Interweb.

In the meantime, have a play or two of Catch the paper, an accurate simulation of my last day at work…

Technorati tits-up

28 July 2004

Is anyone else’s Technorati profile really fucked? Mine is, I keep getting an ‘invalid profile’ message, as if someone is falsely claiming my blog as theirs. When I try to log in I just get dumped back to the login page again and again, and I’ve tried asking for a password reset email but it never comes through. It’s been like this for a couple of days now…

More: Something about the new site is broken, I can now sign in but it keeps on forgetting whether I’m actually logged in or not, switching between the two. I’ve managed to see my profile OK once or twice, but when this happens is unconnected to whether I am logged in or not.

Will Swedish football managers give your mortgage cancer?

28 July 2004

We thought we’d stopped Vikings coming over here, stealing our money and sleeping with our women, roughly 900 years ago.

The Daily Mail slips further and further into self-parody, as they give 11 Reasons to sack Sven (via New Links).

Jenny was an (imaginary) friend of mine

28 July 2004

Interestingly, the work on chatbots passing the Turing test (or humans failing it), keeps on progressing, as someone writes Jenny18 (via Boing Boing and gromblog), a robot program that simulates a dumb, horny blonde, and manages to convince an awful lot of cybersex enthusiasts she is a real person, effectively passing the Turing Test.

As I’ve pointed out before, this actually is humans failing the Turing Test, rather than any computer program passing it. The chat logs (NSFW) are amusing as so much of the “erotic” conversation is hilariously illiterate and not particularly erotic. Anyone familiar with my friends will be amused particularly by this one – now we know what “other priorities” really means.

Gmail gone

28 July 2004

Is it just me, or has Gmail stopped working on Firefox for Windows? I have version 0.8 at home, 0.9 at work, and neither displays the main page after login any more – I just get a blank page. I can log into my account on IE fine though.

They never learn…

27 July 2004

You would have thought that, with the launch of the “Preparing for Emergencies” pamphlet, that as well as having the official address of, some bright spark in the Home Office would have also thought of registering at the same time. Especially as this kind of thing has happened before.

The spoof site is fairly amusing – the modification of the main logo is a bit disturbing though.

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