Wordcount (via Ben Hammersley) is a nice Flash application that ranks the 86,000 most-used words in the English language, sizing each one according to its frequency, and allows you to explore them in a linear fashion. But the interface is infuriating in some respects – buttons too small, and navigating along the line is horribly slow – why isn’t there a » button to speed along 10 places at once?

Still it does come up with some nice sequences, like: “Scandinavia shocks Dougal” (#14074-14076), “Palestinian Owl advertisement” (#6460-6462), “Despotism clinching Internet” (#30523-30525) and “Charming fuck workshops” (#5597-5599). I could have invented a new Internet sport here…

15 thoughts on “Wordcount

  1. “Sex claimed organisation holding budget families” (#1236-1241) is a tabloid headline for the future.

    Tom and I have discovered its true worth though, which is making up obscure bandnames, like “Neon Porn Convict”(#17244-6), “Micronesia Renegades” (#52972-3) and my own favourite – “Indies Bitch Teenagers” (#7425-8).

  2. Or “Intubation Poof Fellatio”, who I believe I saw at On The Rocks a few months ago. Supported by “Havana Materialist Vista” and “Angel Seeks Supper”.

    But #3046 to 3051 is my favourite sequence, being an accurate summation of George Bush’s election strategy: “Iraq winner, fucking smooth, nick votes”. Closely followed by “Homosexual loses papal schooling”, in at numbers 7964 – 7967.

  3. And, on the double bombshell of “ageing breasts contempt” (6038-6040) and “isomorphous jizz overend” (82389-82391), I think I might, er, stop.

  4. …and to think I just looked up where Azerbaijan sat in the rankings (#13471) then decided my time would be better spent doing… well, anything…!

    Wasn’t I proved wrong…

  5. You git. You made me check that in the vain hope it was true.

    However though my surname doesn’t feature, yours certainly does: #41719-41721 is “Grasshopper popularized Baldock”

  6. Your forename features however. Words 2251-2253 advise us to “pull chris somehow”. Word 2254 goes on to explain how: “payments”

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