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2 September 2004

Wow! You can read full scans of newspapers from around the world (via Bloggerheads). Registration etc. all required, and the UK coverage is a bit thin (tabloids only, but if you’re a Jordan or Kate Lawler fan then you’ll be more than happy), but still a cool resource, especially if you want a snapshot of what’s going on right now.

Speaking of newspapers, one of the more interesting books I read recently was one that featured newspaper covers from September 11th and 12th from around the world (a selection of American ones is available online). It was quite interesting to look at it in retrospect – how newspaper editors had to get something out that captured the moment, in as short a time as possible. Some were brutally forthright, others quite mawkish and cheesy. You have to be careful not to judge too much, the state of shock and ignorance of the causes and culprits in the days immediately after means a lot of them had to wing it. But in a way, that’s quite good, you can see history as it was happening, before subsequent attempts to rewrite and formalise it. The lack of any commentary (the book lets the front pages speak for themselves) and the selection from non-US sources (but sadly, no Arabic ones) makes it stand out more than just a simple cash-in or stupid memento. Recommended.

Dog bites man

2 September 2004

“My dog’s blog gets more hits than mine does.”

Ha ha ha

1 September 2004

b3ta take on the Rooney transfer. Superb.

Bet you any money it’ll be in tomorrow’s Daily Mail.

Due South

1 September 2004

Another great reworked Tube map, this time a “what if the Tube ran under South London?” one (via Though, as someone who rightfully recognises that anything south of the river is generally crap, also slightly chilling.

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