I don’t know Foucault

23 November 2004

Why hasn’t someone nice written a book like this?

Foucault for Dummies

It would make my current struggles a lot easier…

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I love the Dani Behr quote…

The “…for Dummies” series has, I suspect, jumped the shark. I swear, in a bookshop the other day, I saw “Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Dummies”. They’re going to have to admit, very soon, that there are in fact some things that both are and should be beyond the capability of Dummies.

(Sorry, I seem to have started channelling Prince Charles there…)

I think they should make this book

I fear it would be of little use. From the first review on Amazon of Introducing Foucault:

“Let’s dispense with the niceties. This is Foucault for Dummies. I think it says a lot about Foucault that his greatest work and ideas can be distilled into the most readable, digestible nuggets of information possible, supplemented with witty and incisive cartoons, and the man’s work is still incomprehensible.”

Tom H

Ooo, careful, you’ll have the Lawyers For ‘…For Dummies’ down on you. Remember what happened to this guy


Foucault’s a piece of piss. Try Derrida if you really want to have some fun.


My wife tried to explain Derrida to me but I could’nt get past the “this is pretentious bollocks” thought