Merry Christmas

*looks down at ID cards thread*

Blimey, is that still going on?

Apologies for severe lack of bloggage lately, I had my essay deadline on Friday (HTML copies of which will be available on the site, once I get the marks back), and then I went back to London on Saturday and have spent most of my time re-acquainting myself with alcohol friends and family.

No links or ID card rants in this post, just a simple message of peace and goodwill to everyone who reads this blog, regardless of your political viewpoint. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2004 Weblog Awards are a load of old bollocks

The 2004 Weblog awards UK category shortlist seems little more than a roll-call of the “best” of British right-wing blogs, such as the Adam Smith Institute, An Englishman’s Castle, The Edge of England’s Sword, (oh the horror, I didn’t know she blogged), Biased BBC, Nanny Knows Best, etc. To quote one commenter, “It’s like Daily Mail Island”. Kudos goes to Wherever You Are for declining the token non-right wing blog spot.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy reading some stuff from “the other side” (though not when it’s as painfully unfunny as this), but to push a purely right-wing agenda under the guise of a weblog award, well, it’s a bit shit, really. Why not some decent left-wing blogs like Harry’s Place, Bloggerheads or to redress the balance? Or even British blogs that aren’t just about politics? They do exist, you know.

I still voted though – I picked the Adam Smith Institute, if only because I am in awe at the chutzpah of an organisation that fiercely campaigns for the free market and minimal government, which at the same time gratefully receives over half its annual income courtesy of the taxpayer.

Gotta collect them all!

The Wikipedia List of collective nouns for non-human mammals is notable, not only for its comprehensiveness, but also for raising the question: who the hell decides these things? The UN? Some transnational organisation? Or is it up to the whims of individual nations? My God, wars could break out over whether beavers congregate in lodges or colonies.

Some fascinating, bound to come up in a pub quiz near you-type trivia there. Polar bears are grouped in an aurora, rhinoceroses are organised in a crash, a load of porpoises are a turmoil, and most pleasingly of all, a collection of baboons is called a flange.

Dodgy search terms

Did a log analysis of the other day, and with that comes the pleasing sport of “find the dodgy search term”. Listed below are some of the more, er, bizarre search terms that somehow led people to visit this site:
List of dodgy search terms
So, for those worrying about the Internet going downhill, don’t fret. It’s still full of freaks, perverts, wackos and loners, just like usual, which is what makes it so great.

(Sorry for putting them in an image, but I didn’t want any search engines picking up on the above terms and giving me a higher ranking for them, this site gets enough strange people visiting it as it is)