Dodgy search terms

8 December 2004

Did a log analysis of the other day, and with that comes the pleasing sport of “find the dodgy search term”. Listed below are some of the more, er, bizarre search terms that somehow led people to visit this site:
List of dodgy search terms
So, for those worrying about the Internet going downhill, don’t fret. It’s still full of freaks, perverts, wackos and loners, just like usual, which is what makes it so great.

(Sorry for putting them in an image, but I didn’t want any search engines picking up on the above terms and giving me a higher ranking for them, this site gets enough strange people visiting it as it is)

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I don’t know which is worse – “tony blair gordon brown homoerotic” or “oliver letwin tramps”.

I was wondering what your target audience was! Thanks for sharing ;)

I think the last one is exactly what you’d wonder if, when playing scrabble, your available letters were the name of this website.

“Is quim a legal scrabble word” — Some people haven’t quite grasped how to use google.

To be fair, the log analyzer was checking search queries from all search engines, not just Google, so it could well have been an Ask Jeeves question.


I used to play lead guitar in a band called The Oliver Letwin Tramps, so that explains THAT…

Batrick Morgle

More dodgy search terms come here as [Google-boggling terms deleted in a much-needed act of censorship]

Rowen, you bastard. Do that again and I’ll come down to Cambridge and give you a kicking. I know where you live.