You dipstick, Rodney

Though it was never really going to be a shining beacon of modern democracy in action, I’m still alarmed at the candidate chosen by Vote For Me, politics’ answer to Pop Idol. The successful candidate, Rodney Hylton-Potts, it seems, holds distinctly right-wing views. Unlike Pop Idol, where the public pick the blandest and most inoffensive of acts, with politicians, it seems, we like them obnoxious and loud.

He is a man with some experience of the legal system, not only as a former solicitor (and if you doubt that, just look at the hilarious Terms & Conditions on his website), but also as a prisoner, having spent a couple of years as Her Majesty’s guest at Brixton prison, after a spot of mortgage fraud. While trying to pass himself off as a man who has been punished and has since repented for his own crimes, citing “only prison works” as a solution to crime, he then changes tack and states his vehement support for the castration of paedophiles.

He also advocates cutting the population by a third in the long term, through stopping all immigration (unless they’re immensely rich, in which case they’re more than welcome, presumably as they’ll then be able to invest in offshore tax havens, like Rodney advocates) and reducing the birth rate by removing all family-related tax incentives, which will be just dandy, until the number of young people of working age becomes so low it becomes impossible to fund or even staff the additional social security and healthcare needs that our rapidly ageing population would demand.

Most bizarrely of all, he advocates scrapping the Human Rights Act – not even watering it down or replacing with something lesser, but binning it completely. In fact, there is not a single word of support for human rights in his manifesto. For a man who claims to represent “the people” and is against those in the political elite, it’s a tad hypocritical for him to be scrapping a key piece of legislation that protects people from the excesses of those in power.

Maybe what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up in experience, though I’m not sure whether being involved in a deal to buy up cemeteries on the cheap, then flogging them for millions, in association with Westminster Council (when it was led by that most honest of politicians, Dame Shirley Porter) is the right grounding for a politician claiming to be “man of the people”.

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  1. After spending several days with Rodney Hylton-Potts as a competitor on Vote For Me, I have no doubt that he is a dangerous, hardline fascist.

    His victory is an absolute disgrace, particularly bearing in mind what his policies mean, especially his plan for population reduction – ridding Britain of 20 million people within 25 years. This is plain nazism.

    John Sergeant, chair of the judges on Vote For Me stated on the programme that reducing the population by 20 million would ‘wreck the economy’ What he and the other judges (Kelvin MacKenzie and Lorraine Kelly) failed to address was the important question of how a reduction of twenty million people might be possible and what it would mean in practice.

    Logical analysis of this policy would appear to allow for only three possible alternate means by which this could be achieved:

    1) Mass murder

    2) Enforced sterilisation

    3) Mass deportation.

    Even accounting for

    1) the current death rate in Britain (of 520,000 per annum) and a zero birth rate for 25 years (requiring immediate mass sterilisation) and

    2) zero immigration

    this would still only reduce the population by 13,000,000 over 25 years.

    The Hylton-Potts plan would therefore require a further 7,000,000 people to be killed or deported. Even Rodney Hylton-Potts can’t make a joke out of this.

    These are of course exactly the policies that were carried out in Nazi Germany – on a similar scale to that than envisaged by Hylton-Potts. Given this, it is extraordinary that ITV, Mentorn (the independent company producing the programme), John Sergeant, Kelvin MacKenzie and Lorraine Kelly not only allowed, but positively chose Hylton-Potts to appear as a final candidate on live television. They twice referred to him as a nazi on air and at the end of the last show after the result had been announced, it was pointed out by the presenter, Johnny Maitland that the last man of the Hylton_potts variety to leave prison and make a success in politics was Adolf Hitler. It was all too late. Hylton-Potts had by then won the title.

    Of course, LWT and Mentorn should have seen this coming. By putting a comedy fascist, as they viewed him, in the final seven, they were playing with fire. Giving voice to dangerous extremism on live television in the name of entertainment is simply unjustifiable. By galvanising the BNP vote and their sympathisers behind him with a simple anti-immigrant message, Hylton-Potts has emerged as the winner, leaving LWT, Mentorn and the judges looking very foolish.

    This week, I interviewed John Cruddace MP at the HOC. He’s a former private secretary to Blair and since 2001, Labour MP for Dagenham: core taxi driver territory (Rodney’s key voters in his cabbie agenda) and a BNP area of strength. In 2001, the BNP polled 5% of the vote in Dagenham.

    Cruddace told me rather grimly that the BNP now form the effective opposition in his constituency (and several others where the Tories have totally collapsed and the LibDems are irrelevant) and that they will definitely come second at the next general election. He expects them to win 15-20% of the vote – possibly more. That will probably be the highest vote ever for a fascist party in a British general election, eclipsing Nick Griffin at Oldham West in 2001 (16.4%). Cruddace believes that the same high level of BNP support is also expected in Barking, Keighley, Stoke South, Burnley and nearly a dozen other parliamentary seats.

    Meanwhile, as also announced this week, race attacks in Britain have never been higher.

    The words of the ‘comedy fascist’ – described by Martin Bell in the Mail on Sunday of 16/1/05 as ‘well to the right of the BNP’ – don’t look so funny against this background.

  2. Quite right.

    Rodney Hylton-Pothead – as Kelvin MacKenzie called him – is a complete nutter who should never have been allowed on television.

    ITV have a lot to answer for. It looks like they were plugging the BNP…

  3. The man does seem terrifying. Worse, too, because looking at his manifesto (written seemingly in deliberately lumpy fashion to demonstrate his unapologetic stance and er, sympathy with the lovely-simple-decent-hard-working populace. . .God, another posh idiot who patronisingly supports the working class out of some misguided urge to be a working class hero) he seems to hold one or two progressive ideas. Legalise and tax drugs (except heroin and cocaine, which is pretty silly – if you’re going to do it, do it 100%, save lives and help people)- give contraception and abortion services to teenagers. Rather flies in the face of the usual right-wing shite (and er, in the face of his own ‘only prison works’ theory). This in the midst of a huge thundercloud of confused misanthropy which doesn’t hold any water unless you’ve already got the fascistic fervour to glue it up. I’m just worried that since he’s such a conspicuous crook, the cause of his two decent policies (the equivalent of a stopped clock being right twice a day) will suffer even further by association with him.

    Where the hell does ITV get off doing Candidate Idol, anyway? Don’t they understand the importance of these things?

  4. Rodney Completely-Potty is a pretty thick character – like most of his supporters. Confused, confusing and held together with prejudice and bits of string. God help us if this is all ITV can serve up as a made-by-television politician.

    As Dominic Carman says above, why the hell did they give this man airtime? Don’t we deseve better?

    liz c

  5. I think it’s great that Rodders has won . It certainly shows that there is a huge groundswell out there that objects to the direction this country is going and is hungry for REAL change. We are ruled by a liberal politically correct clique who are totally disconnected from the British people. If we are to liberate our country from the left wing dictatorship that is currently in residence in Westminster we need to do certain things, namely:-

    1) Encourage a boycott of the farce that is known as

    “The General Election”. This is the system that

    produces landslide majorities in Parliament on

    41% of votes cast, which was 58% at the last

    election. If the turnout drops below the

    pyschologically devastating 50% mark it will throw

    the liberal elite into a panic.

    2) Rodders standing against Michael Howard is a

    very clever strategy. With the UKIP also

    standing in his constituency, there is a very good

    chance that he will lose his seat. Having the

    Leader of the Opposition losing his seat will have

    two effects. Firstly, it will be a fatal blow to the

    decrepit Tories, who are well past their sell by

    date and must be removed from the political

    scene to be replaced by a truly patriotic party,

    and secondly it will undermine our current

    rigged political system.

    If we can achieve this, the Islington Soviet will be forced to take action. Obviously, after such an occurrence, there would be much soul searching about “how do we become relevant to the people?” and “how do we encourage people to become involved in the political process?” etc. The Soviet, aka “New Labour”, could introduce compulsory voting or reform the voting system. The first should not be feared and would present further opportunities to attack and undermine the current undemocratic system, whilst the second would be welcomed as one of the ways to return this country to its rightful owners.

  6. Rodney Hylton-Potts talks absolute rubbish.

    Having met with politicians from all parties, they privately admit that they are very reluctant to talk publically about the future demographic shape of Britain in the 21st century. Within a decade or so, there will be more non-white than white citizens of London. Sometime towards the end of the twenty first century, the same will become true of Britain as whole. Britain will become a predominately non-white country. There will also be more British Muslims than Christians at some point in the 21st century. There will also be about 10 million more citizens, taking Britain’s population towards 70 million by 2050 or so.

    These are facts, not opinions, yet our politicians are scared to discuss the consequences and indeed, to seize the opportunities represented by this fundamental shift in our population.

    It would be most interesting to see an open discussion concerning all the issues arising from the future changes which Britain faces rather than a burying the head in the sand attitude which seems to predominate from the establishment – and from the Hylton-Potts tendency. We face challenges. We face opportunities. What we must not do is turn away from the future and ignore what is going to happen in the Britain of tomorrow, allowing racists to exploit fear and misunderstanding where there is an opportunity to build harmony and cross-cultural bridges between our various diverse communities.

  7. hylton-potts was given a 5 year prison sentence by his traial judge. he’s been a dodgy, bent solicitor all his life – until he was struck off. now the criminal hylton-potts puts forward criminal political ideas with his criminal mentality – ‘95% of prisoners are scum’ he said on tv. well hylton-potts is certainly scum – that much is true.

  8. The Islington Soviets, nice one. Still, I have to admit I’ve been annoyed by the fact that Tony can push through unpopular and/or stupid bills despite large rebellions in his own party (eg. Tuition fees, foundation hospitals etc).

    In most opinion polls there isn’t much difference between the three main parties, so in fact proportional representation would make british politics more liberal, not less. As such it probably won’t happen (unfortunately).

  9. “Rodders standing against Michael Howard is a

    very clever strategy. With the UKIP also

    standing in his constituency, there is a very good

    chance that he will lose his seat.”

    How is splitting the Racist Nutter vote going to help remove Howard, and not hinder it?

  10. “Islington Soviets”? You berk. Nothing destroys your credibility faster than such smug, dumb shorthand. Have you been to Islington? It’s pretty big, actually, and whatever stereotype has made it into an easy target for right-wing pillocks can only make for a tiny percentage of its diverse population if it exists at all. At least ‘middle England’ has some generic accuracy. “Soviets”? You silly person. Do you think it sounds a bit more intellectual and worldly than ‘pinko’?

    Didn’t Churchill say that democracy is the worst system there is, except for all the others? It’s true, no one who has the desire to do so can ever be fit to run the country, but we’ve got to make the best of what we’ve got.

  11. and now michael howard is blowing the immigration trumpet too. yes, most people think immigration is far too high and needs to be controlled. but is this all the tories have left to say…………..pity

  12. Ianl – The whole point about getting Howard out is that it will go a long way to finally kill off the Tories who are completely discredited and will in most likelihood never gain ploitical power in this country again. There is a void on the political right in the UK at the moment and it needs to be filled – at the very least to give political representation to the very sizeable proportion of the population that would describe themselves as centre-right.

    Bee – whilst I appreciate and respect your views, flinging insults is not very mature when, I hope, people are trying to discuss an important issue. Besides – your mum wouldn’t like you being rude to people. Especially grown ups.

  13. What a load of old tosh!

    Anyone who is against having this country overrun by people who claim to need assylum is called a Nazi. We are going to keep taking the worlds scum ( and a small portion of people who actually need assylum for legitimate reasons ) and eventually our poor little island will sink to the bottom of the ocean.

    If you don’t like his platform then don’t support him.

    Lets all stop being pc and try to look at the issues that affect this country not the rest of the world charity starts at home.

  14. Rodney Hylton-Potts, sentenced to 5 years in jail, must feel comfortable among bnp criminals

    A number of his BNP chums have serious criminal convictions.

    ( as:

    BNP Deputy leader Tony ‘Bomber’ Lecomber has been convicted of a many criminal offences: grevious bodily harm, inciting racial hatred, and offences under the Explosives act. He has served a total of six years in prison – one more than Hylton-Potts.

    In December 2004, police arrested BNP leader Nick Griffin after he was secretly filmed by the BBC calling Islam “a wicked, vicious faith”. Griffin will face trial later this year. No doubt Rodney Hylton-Potts can offer Nick Griffin advice about prison life.

  15. I understand why you would wish to see Howard lose, Mark. What I didn’t get was why you think splitting the “Howard is somehow too leftwing” vote will help you achieve that.

    But then, your “Islington Soviets” soundbite suggests that you’re under the impression that New Labour are somehow ultra-leftwing, rather than Old Tory under a different brand name, so your arguments carry approximately zero credibility anyway.

  16. mark, we – the libdems – are delighted that rodders is standing against howard. likely scenario will be: rodders creams off the racist tory vote and we win the seat. thanks rodders. keep up the good work.

  17. Probably the best news of the week for Michael Howard is the decision of the winner of ITV’s “Vote for Me” series, Rodney Hylton-Potts, to stand against him in Folkestone.

    For if there had been a threat to the Tory leader it was from the Lib Dems who have it down at the top of their “decapitation list” and who might just have eaten into Howard’s 5,900 majority at the 2001 General Election.

    Now the presence on the ticket of the former Brixton prisoner threatens to split the anti-Tory vote and provide a further incentive for Conservatives to get behind their man.

    The main way that the Lib Dems could have taken the seat was by persuading Labour supporters that they had the best chance of defeating the Tory leader. The presence of Rodder’s on the ticket makes that more difficult and eases the pressure on the Tories.

    Folkestone always looked an ambitious target for the Lib Dems. Party leaders have a history of doing well in their own seats however badly their party might fare nationally and in a poll taken just before the October Tory conference Howard was standing at 48% – 3% up on his 2001 performance.

    The fact that one of his opponents has “form” will play to one of Michael Howard’s strengths – his position on law and order.

    The whole programme concept was pretty dumb – the choice of seat by the winner is even dumber.

    Mike Smithson

  18. Read below the manifesto of Rodney Hylton-Potts taken verbatim from his website


    My aim is for a root and branch radical change in Britain to reflect WHAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT, not what the leading political parties give them.


    Great Britain is full as to asylum seekers and immigration. We are closed for business. Send illegal aliens home and only allow very limited immigration for wealthy families prepared to invest in Britain and provide employment. Identity cards for all with immediate deportation for overstayers such as students.


    Policies aimed to reduce population by one-third within 25 years. Thus whilst allowing a safety net for very poor families, no family or tax allowances for children.

    3) EUROPE:

    Retain trade links and free common European market but withdraw totally from political ties. Never join the Euro. Repeal European Community Act (1972).

    4) CRIME:

    Massive building programme- only prison works. Legalise, regulate and tax all drugs other than heroin and cocaine. Enforced castration for child molesters.


    Permanent British summertime with double British summertime in summer.


    Presumption of 50/50 split of time children spend with separated parents. Binding pre-nuptial agreements.


    Repeal Human Rights Act.

    8) THE ARTS:

    Stop all tax breaks.


    Same retirement age and benefits for men and women.

    10) TEENAGERS:

    Free contraception and abortions for those over 14 with confidentiality from parents.

    There it is a cure for all Britain’s problems in 10 simple lunatic policies.

    Then read what he wrote yesterday:

    ‘Now Michael Howard claims to have gone hard line on immigration, lifting great chunks from my Manifesto. He says that these plans have been months in the making, yet suddenly they are rushed out as support for my policy grows. Funny that. Few will believe his U turn, and even if they did, when will he and the other parties get the point? ‘No’ means ‘No’. I do not think the public accept statements like ‘I believe we must limit immigration’. They have heard it all before.’

    Good to see that Michael Howard is lifting ‘great chunks’ from the Hyton-Potts manifesto. Next thing you know, the tories will want to reduce the population by one third!!!!!

    Get a life, Rodney

  19. Aaah, I see now. Hylton-Potts isn’t a death-dealing racist at all. His plan to reduce the UK population by a third amounts to nothing more sinister than

    1) Introduce stupid and expensive policies

    2) Increase taxes through the roof in a desperate attempt to pay for it all

    3) Watch as at least a third of the population use the Free Movement clauses in European agreements to get the hell out of Dodge.

    4) ???

    5) Profit!

  20. Rodney’s inspired Crime initiative, enforced castration for child molesters, will require someone to implement it. Not, perhaps, the most popular job in the world. One argument for immigration often put forward is that it provides labour for jobs that the current, falling British population cannot or will not. Who is Rodney going to find to perform these castrations of his?

    In all seriousness, toppling Howard would be a coup for the mostly splendid LibDems, but would result in the implosion of the Tory Party (again). We have seen the results of a strong Government with no meaningful opposition over the last Parliament. So, another 5yrs of elective dictatorship?

  21. Iainl – Actually I do consider Comrade Tony and his motley crew of commissars to be ultra left wing. How else would you explain Gordon raiding people’s pensions and throwing the retirement of tens of thousands into doubt? Numerous 5 Year Plans along Soviet lines which ultimately result in nothing (I think Tony is even presenting his own 5 year plan on “immigration” soon – probably saying there’s not enough!). Increasing the number of government jobs at the expense of the private sector? I won’t mention the upcoming 10bn hole in public expenses as quoted recently in the FT, which all the financial experts agree will mean a severe hike in taxes after the election. Not exactly the acts of a group of Old Tories.

    LibDem – I do hope you do take Howard’s seat. Even people who would support Rodders on immigration can see he is, like so many politicians before him, simply being opportunist. Do you actually think any of what he says would actually be done if the Tories won? Not for one second but the difference is that now people can see that. The whole political landscape that we have known for generations is changing. That’s why – for people on the right, Howard losing his seat is no big deal. The three fundamentals that must be achieved by the right in the short term are:-

    1) The Tories to implode and Howard losing his seat will only enhance this onging process;

    2) Turnout to fall below 50%. That is essential; and

    3) The Left to be defeated in next year’s referendum on the European constitution – which I am certain that they will given that many, many people will vote no simply because Tony is saying vote yes! He made a major blunder there. We all know that rule number one for a politician is that you must never, never ask the public what they think. Look at Stephen Pound and his Private Members Bill Radio Phone In where the vast majority wanted greater rights for homeowners against burglars. Pound rapidly cancelled the whole idea! What better to display the contempt that the “political class” have for the ordinary people of this country?

  22. Below is what appeared on the BNP website after Rodney’s victory in Vote For Me.

    Wjhere’s your BNP rosette, Hylton-Potts?

    BNP NEWS 16th January 2005

    News article filed by Steve Blake – webeditor

    In addition the powerful control of information by the mass media enslaves the viewers and readers and listeners. Sometimes an Achilles heels manifests itself and on Friday the “Vote for Me” programme shocked media bosses and the liberal-elite as the British public voted overwhelmingly for a candidate whose policies could have been taken directly from the pages of the BNP’s own manifesto!

  23. yes he’s rght! rodney speaks the real truth about how most of us really feel.

    let’s stop all immigration now. you are damned right, rodney, britain is absolutely full to bursting. stop those sponging whiners coming through from every poverty stricken backwater in the world and let’s get rid of those we’ve let in for the last 50 years too. send them packing.

    let’s get our great country back.

    go rodders go!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. It’s the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auchwitz today. Is it _that_ difficult to shut the hell up about wanting to condemn all asylum seekers to persecution and death for 24 hours?

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