Some you win…

21 January 2005

Best headline I’ve seen in a while… and the worst headline I’ve seen in a while.

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I must admit, I do adore a crap headline pun. About the only decent thing to come out of the whole “Harry Is A Nazi” rubbish was The Sun’s rather glorious Mein Fury.

Bestest crap/genius headline pun ever, courtesy of the Hereford Times in 2001. A story about some young birds of prey going astray during the night time naturally led to this, the supreme headline masterpiece of our time…


don’t know what happened there. let’s try again.

I’m still a big fan of “Man struck by lightning charged with battery”, myself.

Heh. Further down the Supercaligoballisticcelticareatrocious comments, somebody mentions a pun about Ed Wood. They actually missed the best pun there, the title of a book and documentary about Wood which came out around the same time: Look Back In Angora.