Bloggies, and my own horrific apathy

The Nominations for the 2005 Bloggies are out. No nomination for yours truly (pouts). However, there are some good blogs there, some I’d heard of some I’ve not.

Pity the UK blog awards are a bit static, 3 of the 5 nominees (, and Going Underground) were nominated last year – although all three are thoroughly recommended reads, a bit of variety would have been nice. Good to see Random Acts of Reality getting a shout for best tagline.

Aaagh, this is an awful weblog post, it’s a post about blogs, the worst kind of blog post there is. In fact, apologies for the generally low quality of the blog since Christmas. I have been pissing about with other projects (like, er, my Master’s degree), and other things. Anyway, in the next few weeks, you will probably see some fruition of these projects, including some of my academic work, my hopeful attempt to get in the b3ta newsletter, the bandwidth-eating horror of a Flash project I wrote (but not quite completed – the curse of the final 10% struck) in December, and maybe, just maybe, if I get my arse into gear and put my graphic design hat on, the long-awaited redesign of this site.

Right, now that I’ve blogged that, I’ve publicly committed myself to getting stuff done. Why didn’t think of this before? Probably because I couldn’t be bothered. Oh.

One thought on “Bloggies, and my own horrific apathy

  1. Shout out to the MonkeyFilter Best Community Blog nomination, though. Loving that.

    And, hell, I nominated you for best British blog. What more do you want…?

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