Making a giant KitKat out of four KitKat Chunkies

So, last Friday, I was watching Bill Bailey’s Part Troll show on Channel 4, and he mentioned how he liked to melt together four KitKat Chunkies (or should that be KitKats Chunky?) into one giant KitKat, and pretend he was in a giant sweetshop.

Now, I thought, that’s such a great idea. Combine that great idea with a free afternoon, and my culinary inclinations, and you get my successful fabrication of a giant KitKat.

(Note: The order of images is slightly borked, thanks to either Picasa or Flickr uploader munging the photo taken date. Use the slideshow app, or the set navigation thumbnail buttons on the right of the screen to flick through all the photos in chronological order, rather than the controls at the top)

I don’t know why I did this. I don’t even like chocolate.

Update: Woohoo! It made this week’s b3ta newsletter! I didn’t actually say that I did it so “I could pretend to be a tiny, chocolate-loving pixie eating a normal-sized one”, though I really wish I did.

10 thoughts on “Making a giant KitKat out of four KitKat Chunkies

  1. Erm… it might be a tad late for this, but don’t you need 8 kitkat chunkys to make a giant Kit Kat?? After all the end result is a tad squat!

    Cool idea though

  2. The 8 kitkat chunky challenge has been set!

    Chrapp – I expect you to meet the challenge as it appears you have far too much time on your hands.

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