31 January 2005

Robert Kilroy-Silk’s Vanitas Veritas party gets a second member. Hurray!

Actually, I shouldn’t mock. They went to the trouble of registering with the Electoral Commission last Friday, so they must be serious. A Google search of the party’s address (which is of Tony Bennett, Kilroy’s research assistant, and nominal leader according to the EC, so I assume he is their third member) gives us a taster of what’s to come from this radical fresh new party – keeping imperial measures, moaning about how the BBC are a bunch of lefties and er… Europe bad. Very bad! Me no like.

Tsk, you’d think there’d be a party catering for people like that already.

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Sorry, I must have missed this last week. Why has he named his new party after a well-known brand of replication and backup software?

In vino, dude, in vino. He was pissed.

If you like Kilroy as much as us, why not try visiting and have a chuckle?:P



…course, the amusing thing is, in classical Latin pronunciation, the letter “V” takes the consonant sound “w”. So Kilroy, bless him, should actually pronounce his party “Weritas” – ‘cept, somehow, that sounds a whole lot sillier than he probably intended.

Although, roughly as silly as he does actually sound, so hey.


Considering the guy is so dead set against anything European, I doubt correct pronunciation of a foreign language is top of his agenda, somehow.

Veritas. Bringing you Plain Speaking Politics. In Latin.