Robert Kilroy-Silk’s Vanitas Veritas party gets a second member. Hurray!

Actually, I shouldn’t mock. They went to the trouble of registering with the Electoral Commission last Friday, so they must be serious. A Google search of the party’s address (which is of Tony Bennett, Kilroy’s research assistant, and nominal leader according to the EC, so I assume he is their third member) gives us a taster of what’s to come from this radical fresh new party – keeping imperial measures, moaning about how the BBC are a bunch of lefties and er… Europe bad. Very bad! Me no like.

Tsk, you’d think there’d be a party catering for people like that already.

5 thoughts on “Veritastic

  1. …course, the amusing thing is, in classical Latin pronunciation, the letter “V” takes the consonant sound “w”. So Kilroy, bless him, should actually pronounce his party “Weritas” – ‘cept, somehow, that sounds a whole lot sillier than he probably intended.

    Although, roughly as silly as he does actually sound, so hey.

  2. Considering the guy is so dead set against anything European, I doubt correct pronunciation of a foreign language is top of his agenda, somehow.

    Veritas. Bringing you Plain Speaking Politics. In Latin.

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