Election Map update

Detail of Election Map appletRight, after the many helpful emails suggesting how to improve it, I made the best of an idle night in and updated the 2001 election map.

For starters, the architecture is more modular (the map data is now separate from the applet, which makes updating it easier). Biggest change of all is that you can now customise the view with the ‘Options’ dialog, so you can see one, two, or all of the big three parties’ share of the vote. Alternatively, there’s an option to view how SNP/Plaid Cymru are doing, and also how voter turnout varies across the country (mostly in inner cities, so it’s best to zoom in when using that option).

Have a play, and I promise that this is all done and I’ll get back to proper blogging soon. :-)

2 thoughts on “Election Map update

  1. Ooh, dude… Top notch tweakage. This now rules in so many ways. Bugger your bandwidth, I’m BoingBoinging this first thing in the morning (er, unless you tell me not to, that is).

    I’m listening to “John Kettley (is A Weatherman)” by A Tribe Of Toffs right now. I have no idea why I’m telling you that, but hey.

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