Daylight Saving Time with WordPress

30 March 2005

As Rob pointed out, has still been running on GMT despite everyone else moving forward. I assumed WordPress would move to BST automatically, but no. Luckily someone nice has made a Daylight Saving Time plugin, which automatically switches the time back and forth as and when it’s needed.

2 Responses

The fact that you are on GMT is not a problem, it is just the rest of the UK that is in a different time zone. Think of those readers elsewhere in the world, who will want you to have a timezone that doesn’t change twice a year. It’s all relative anyway, and frankly BST is a bit rubbish and there isn’t much point in it.

Apart from saving lives on the roads and cutting energy usage through later daylight…if it weren’t for the moaning farmers we’d have moved over to GMT+1 all year round by now.

Also, the RSS/Atom feeds are given in local time and GMT, so it’s not a problem for anyone reading the blog with a feed reader and might want to aggregate posts with others.