Rearranging deckchairs

A 16 year-old from Manchester, amongst other things, attempted to cut down a CCTV lamppost with a chainsaw, threw fireworks at cyclists, pulled a person from a bicycle and threatened him with an axe, and drove a car on a pavement and down steps close to a pub. And what do the magistrates do when he’s hauled up? Ban him from wearing a hoodie.

Yet another stunningly stupid decision, and proof that it’s not just politicians these days that are having trouble telling the difference between effect and cause, between symptom and disease, between the profound and the petty.

One thought on “Rearranging deckchairs

  1. I always wonder what has been left out when I read the national press and I think on this occasion there is probably more to the story than what’s printed. The Times is from the same stable as Sky news and the Sun, we all know Murdoch’s empire has a bit of a reputation for distorting the truth a little more than most.

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