Mad as a million march hares

Asked whether Edinburgh could handle one million people, the Irish musician said: “Well, they take a million a year with the festival”

Yes Sir Bob, but not all at once. You idiot.

So, a million are marching upon Edinburgh, then – after being suitably roused by the stirring music of Dido, Coldplay and Keane. The first few days of July are going to be fun here, that’s for sure. Not least because I have to move bloody house then.

3 thoughts on “Mad as a million march hares

  1. Some twit on the PM programme was saying cheerfully “Well, a million marched in London last year.” Edinburgh is far, far too small for a million, it’s an irresponsible suggestion that he would do well to withdraw (I suspect he won’t). If he gets his million, a tiny fraction will have beds for the night – the rest will be at a loss as to what to do. Plus it would increase the potential for trouble, which in a stone built city could be devastating.

  2. Hey qwghlm, are you going to go out and take some photographs during this protest? I’m away from Edinburgh right now and returning later this year. I won’t be able to be there but I’d really like to get some pictures.

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