While I’m stuck in a library all day writing out more notes than is either humanly possible or morally right, I have noted with great disappointment how my IM contacts list has dropped from usually 10-20 people to below half a dozen ; most likely because loads of them have gone to enjoy Glastonbury, the fuckers. Therefore I can’t feel anything but a wry bit of joy when the BBC pops up headlines like Flooding causes Glastonbury chaos. Hahaha. Does this make me a bad person?

Update: The ‘glastonbury’ tag on Flickr, with lots of mobile phone shots, is a nice semi-“live” feed of the latest conditions…

Further update: Tom and I have been throughly enjoying the, er, photostream. This photo, of the stranded Portaloos while a festival-goer really starts to regret that last cider, is my current favourite.

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