Oh no, I broke the golden rule and started mucking around with Greasemonkey, which was a mistake, as I have now wasted this entire evening. Anyway, it is fun to play with custom code in webpages, and after basically looking at other people’s code I’ve come up with a simple little widget – it turns any UK postcode in a page (which is not already inside a hyperlink) into a hyperlink to the relevant Google Maps map for the area – e.g. SW1A 2AA becomes SW1A 2AA. Want to try? Install it from here (you must have Greasemonkey installed first, obviously – download it here). Enjoy. Lots of it is derived from others’ work – credits are in the source code. Any bugs, report in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Greasepostmonkeycoding

  1. I think the good gentleman is suggesting that the desire to see a map of every postcode mentioned on the internet betrays a psychopathology not dissimilar to that of a stalker.

    As a dedicated and talented stalker myself, I have to say that he’s absolutely right. I’m going to install greasemonkey as soon as the 0.4.x comes out of alpha. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a decent pair of night vision goggles…

  2. 0.3.5 (the latest version without a security hole) is good enough to run scripts that don’t require cross-domain access (like mine), in case the wait for a stable and secure 0.4.x takes too long…

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