I don’t know if or Audioscrobbler did searching users by their taste (top left box) before the makeover, but anyway, I’ve been having fun doing Googlewhack-style searches. That is, find particular combinations of two artists that only return one subscriber, which means that only one person has listened to both of them. It’s harder than you think (three people have listened to both My Bloody Valentine and The Cheeky Girls), but so far I’ve found Black Lace and Boards of Canada, Slowdive and S Club 7 and most frightening of all, Cliff Richard and Slunt. This could be the start of a whole new memetic sport, as well as spawn the worst mashups, ever.

Btw, on reflection, I’m not totally enamoured by the redesigned site – I rant a little about it on Tom’s blog but I should really find the time to give it a proper going over…

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