All I’ve got’s this sunny afternoon…

31 August 2005

The weather in this country seems to be pandering to typical stereotype. Today, London had not a cloud in the sky, but as my GNER train trundled through Yorkshire the sky got darker and darker, and I swear, the very second we crossed the border at Berwick, the heavens opened and it started to rain. It’s not even nice rain up here that would make it a bit fresher – just an insulting, muggy drizzle.

Still, I am back from my (very brief) holiday; dissertation handed in fine on Thursday, a long weekend soujourning down the coast (as Armand merrily recounts – point of order though, the Google search was a joke), drinking, sunbathing, playing poker and avoiding playing bum charades in favour of making the worst placename pun jokes, ever (as in: “My wife’s gone to the Caribbean for her holidays” “Jamaica?” “No, she went of her own accord”) . I fear repeating them would be proscribed as a crime against comedy, so I shan’t (although I will never be able to say “Vancouver” with an entirely straight face again…)

I’m not making very much sense here, am I? More sense will come tomorrow and over the next few days, I hope. I haven’t got much else to do. I might even have a crack at polishing up the site while I’m at it. I’ve first got to read through about a week’s worth of RSS subscriptions – that could take a while…

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Oh go on, I adore a terrible pun. And by terrible, I mean utterly horrifying.

Tessa loan a key?

I prefer the one I did for Moenchengladbach…


Thanks. That is indeed just sick.