The new Grauniad

Some (very brief) thoughts on the Guardian’s new redesign

  • The masthead sucks – all-lower case and no space between the words make it look like something that is trying desperately to be “hip”.
  • I don’t like the white-on-blue either – it doesn’t look like a quality newspaper’s masthead.
  • The weighty versions of the font (e.g. the sport masthead) looks bloated and ungainly, rather than bold.
  • But the font, in its lighter versions, looks very nice and elegant.
  • Despite being all-colour, there still aren’t very many decent photos that take advantage of it, except in the sports section, but I suspect that will improve.
  • The strange “continued on page n” symbols (e.g.) look weird not being in the bottom-right corner of the article; still, they are a good idea.
  • G2 looks quite nifty in its new mini format.
  • The crossword is now forever relegated to the inside pages. Shame.
  • The use of hyperlink-style formatting for footnotes (e.g.) looks nasty – it’s the wrong colour and also slightly misleading. The sentiment is nice but I think they should drop it for paper.
  • Generally, the layouting is quite nice. I’d prefer more space at the top of headlines, but it’s still quite pleasing and not too cramped.

The early verdict then? It’s all right. Content-wise, not too much has changed on the first issue – no doubt once they’ve had a few weeks to get it out right, they will start thinking more about how to fully exploit the new format. Colour on every page means not only the opportunity for better photos, but also diagrams, infographics etc. This could mean the rise of overbearing, Independent-style pages, with lots of different text sizes, containing hyperbole over the useful content of the story on inside-page stories, but I really hope they don’t go that way.

6 thoughts on “The new Grauniad

  1. Or just analytical enough. The blue fully blows and the new masthead looks completely anonymous. But the centrefold photo is great, though I can’t believe they will keep up such a shocking waste of space for long.

  2. I agree about the silly hyperlinks. My other problems with the crossword are its location on the page – laid out in such a way as I couldn’t fold the paper into quarters and still see the full grid and clues – and the relegation of the setter’s name to under the grid.

  3. I guess that’s just me who really likes the new masthead, then?

    I agree about the headlines being too high, the continued on page n signs being in the wrong place, and the sense that they’ve underused the move to full colour – it looks a lot more text-heavy, the photography has much less impact than it did before. But I have love for the Egyptian fonts, both the bold header versions and the body text. In general, I think it’s a stylish and practical new design that already feels comfortable and familiar to the eye.

    But I hate the drop caps in the Comment & Debate section. Ugh.

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