Like a stuck record

You know, it gets to a point where you just know what’s going to be in the papers today – we have Blair and Murdoch whining because the Big Nasty BBC have been so horrible to their diligent and hard-working pal, George. David Blunkett’s been accused of abusing his position, the Lib Dems are still totally unsure which wing they occupy, and Alan Milburn comes up with a load of ineffective “forward not back” rubbish. Meanwhile, in the world of showbiz, it turns out a top model takes lots of cocaine – the only thing less surprising is the media’s surprised reaction.

A year ago I might have written about any of the above, but it just gets so damn boring doing it for the umpteenth time. Why can’t something interesting and novel happen for once? I’m not talking about, say, attacks by winged monkeys from space, or anything that extravagant, but just something worth talking about for once, rather than raking over the same stuff again and again?

Well, some new stuff has happened, I suppose – I could talk about Katrina, but so has everyone else; I could talk about the Ashes, but I’m not terribly qualified on the topic; the only other story around that’s been yanking my plank is the penguins and evolutionary theory, but even that’s a well-raked topic on this blog. I might just go and read some books, and then get back to you.

2 thoughts on “Like a stuck record

  1. I’m still not getting it, so I actually wouldn’t mind a good blog post, actually:

    There are some penguins (we’ve known about them for some time, obviously). Their lives are quite remarkably harsh in Antarctica (again, we’ve been aware of this since a guy famously went out for a walk for some time) and chick-rearing is an intensive process if you don’t want them to die (stands to reason when it’s that cold).

    The fact that the Penguins that couldn’t figure this out are all dead contradicts evolutionary theory how, exactly?

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