Labour – manhandling pensioners for your security

The fact that the Labour Party tried to swiftly silence Walter Wolfgang when he heckled Jack Straw doesn’t surprise me. But even a hardened cynic like me couldn’t imagine that an 82-year-old man would be physically dragged out of his seat and later detained under the Terrorism Act when he tried to re-enter. Tony Blair, in an equivocating, weaselly apology, stated:

“The conference is stewarded by these volunteers, and they are people who try to do a very good job. This time they were a little bit over-zealous so I fully apologise to him, and I’m sorry about it.”

Sorry, terribly unfortunate, but y’know, it’s the staff – they were a bit OTT, got carried away. Not the fault of anyone on high. Oh no. Why do I suspect the same excuse will be trotted out once these guys report on what actually happened to this guy?

2 thoughts on “Labour – manhandling pensioners for your security

  1. As Tony said, more or less, on the Today programme this morning: a wee bit of summary justice is the price we’re all going to have to pay to sleep easy in our beds these days. After all, what are the chances of being the guy who gets shot seven times in the head for being foreign-looking and living in the wrong block of flats? And what was that distinctly old looking duffer doing at a new and newly renewed New Labour conference anyway? Such small sacrifices, really….

  2. I was speaking with my MP David Lepper on Monday and he said the guy Walter Wolfberg is a friend of his- he was the proxy voter for his mother.

    This Terrorism Act nonsence is not true, all that happened was when Walter tried to get in the next day without his pass(which had been confiscated), the policeman said that ‘due to the terrorism act, nobody without a pass could be let in.

    At the end of the day, I agree its terrible that the Labour Party has been reduced to suppressing debate on important issues, but you also can’t allow people to heckle like this, or no delegate or speaker would ever be heard. This is my explanation for the lack of democracy in the Labour Party and its sort of makes the leadership’s actions understandable until the system is changed.

    Obviously the ‘meat headed’ security should have used some common sense when confronted with an elderly man but I can understand why he thrown out.

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