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A trademark dispute has meant that in the UK GMail is now to be called Googlemail. All new UK-based accounts will be But if you’re from anywhere else in the world, your new account will still be Existing users in the UK will still retain that address, but Google admit they’re not sure if it will always stay that way. Result? Confusion, uncertainty, etc..

It seems Google have dropped the ball yet again; rather than realise from the start that a good chunk of their userbase is outside America (the same thing has also happened in Germany) and hire a half-decent trademark lawyer who would have looked around for other products of the same name the world over, they hurriedly plumped for the more generic name of “Gmail” and now have all manner of court cases and disputes on their hands. Careless.

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  1. I’ve been posting elsewhere about this, because frankly, it’s confusing. I’m a UK gmail user, but currently working in Ireland. I already have a gmail account, but what happens if I sign up for another. Are they really going to base this purely on location at the time of the signing up (which after all is Google’s closest way of telling your nationality)?

    If you want a address, just get a friend to sign you up, or do it on holiday…

    Apparently people are already seeing at the top of the page, although I can’t seem to have it confirmed. What I think will happen is that both addresses will be valid and one or the other will be marked as a primary address – depending on location. Emails sent to my address already get through to the account.

    Regardless, it is a bit of a cock up. If it causes me any inconvenience I’ll be annoyed, but right now it’s funny!

  2. Something interesting I’ve noticed. I’m in the UK and I’ve noticed the logo has changed to Google Mail. But if I switch on Google Web Accelerator (currently in beta) the logo changes back to Gmail. I guess this is because Google Web Accelerator works by redirecting you through a proxy which is based in America. So if you want to get an ‘@gmail’ address download GWA or use some other proxy.

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