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So they’re going to ban smoking in all public places, except for private members’ clubs and pubs that do not serve food. Hang on – what happened to the binge drinking problem? Enforcing a law that says some pubs cannot serve food will only mean people will drink more on empty stomachs and get even more pissed than they do now. So much for joined-up government.

Even though I’m an asthmatic and really, really don’t like cigarette smoke, I still think banning smoking in pubs, although a laudable attempt at improving public health, will not be very productive in the end. Without any corresponding extra measures to help people give up, they’ll just smoke at home instead. Bar staff and customers may benefit from cleaner air, but children and any other dependents who live in smokers’ homes will not.

9 thoughts on “Smoking ban

  1. The number of people I know who claim they don’t smoke, but mean they don’t buy their own cigarettes and just chain-smoke their way through other people’s ones when in the pub suggests they might get somewhere. Though the plural of anecdote isn’t data, I admit, I do seem to know a lot of people who will only smoke if they have a pint in their hand.

  2. On that point, Ireland’s experience seems to suggest that cigarette sales go down after the smoking ban so people don’t just switch to smoking at home. Though as usual the government have to go one way or the other; you’re right that this halfway house will help no-one.

  3. Personally, I don’t smoke – but have absolutely no problems with others doing so. Usual caveat of it not being in my face, etc. I think I have about 2 friends who do NOT smoke, and given where I socialise (the pub usually – and pubs who make a significant amount of income from food and would therefore be disinclined to give up serving) where do we go? Street corners? Bench outside the off license? And as a possibly poinltess, er, point, I don’t think I know any barworker who doesn’t smoke. But that’s probably irrelevant.

  4. i think that they should not stop pubs from leting people smoke. they should only make them, 1. hang a big banner at the door saying “smoking environment, enter at your own risk. 2. make people pay a little bit more and with the extra mony make them pay quality insurance to bartenders.

  5. I remember a Judge Dredd story in 2000AD over twenty years ago (it’s taken that long to fully accept my geeky past) where in their envisaged future, smokers sat in special rooms wearing what looked like an extended hair dryer/curler over their heads vacuuming the smoke out the ceiling. It’s coming smokers and I for one will welcome our fascist police overlords. There’s also a proven link between drinking and smoking (lowered inhibitions, increased complimentary effect and addictivity) which the tobacco companies have probably known about for 50 years so a ban would cut down on social smoking and habits developing from that. Despite the fact that most screwed up yet interesting, funny, sex godesses who end up being really bad for you smoke, I’ve been out in bars in New Zealand, Ireland and Canada and it’s fookin great even though I like the odd cigar.
    I hope that draws a clear line under the matter.

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