An hour to kill

Some bright spark at The Times has pointed out that the change in licensing laws at midnight on Thursday will technically mean pubs will have to stop serving at 11pm for an hour, wait an hour, then re-open. Well done to whoever thought that one up.

(Actually, I suspect most publicans won’t bother, and will instead wait for Friday, whereupon everyone in England and Wales will stay in the pub till 2 for one of those “being part of history” moments – an event surely worth liveblogging, if ever there was one)

3 thoughts on “An hour to kill

  1. I shall be vomiting and trying to start fights, as one of the crack squad of Lib Dem agents provocateur who’ll be out there on the streets of Britain, desperately trying to ensure all the dire predictions come true. Because if it all goes smoothly, won’t a lot of people look really, really silly?…

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