23 November 2005

2005: BloggedYou’ll never guess what! Remember when this blog used to be good, and I moaned on about ID cards? They’ve only gone and stuck it in a book. So now you too can live the glory days of, but with the twist of using old-fashioned paper. Crazy stuff. So, waste no time: go pick up your copy of 2005: Blogged – Dispatches from the Blogosphere – the official best of British blogging from the past year. Pages 142 to 145 are what you should be reading first; not that you’d be able to work it out from the index – I am the only blogger in the book to be listed under “www.” rather than my real name. Hmph.

Seriously though, having had a quick flick through, it does look good and there is some high-quality writing there, both from blogs I know and those I don’t; in fact, what will probably follow in the next few days are links to a whole set of newly-discovered blogs to link to. Also, some long-stewing thoughts on the future of blogging and British blogging in particular, a mere six months after everyone else weighed in on the same topic. And also, more interesting posts in general, I promise…

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Is it just the blogs, or the comments too? I’m tempted to get the book either way, but I’m curious to see if my ill-thought out reply is intact, complete with risible grammar.

Are they paying you royalties? Did they ask permission? If not, then surely it’s just a big rip-off.

Yes, of course they asked permission. I would be rather more miffed if they hadn’t…

Woo to you!

Having said that, no book should ever have two variants on the word “blog” in the title. That’s just wrong…