Fuck this, I’m off…

It happened again tonight. I’d mulled over another blog post on the train home. I had the arguments down pat, the basic outline OK, even thought a couple of witty side remarks to put in. And then it came down to writing the damn thing, and… well it all went a bit crap. Halfway through I decided to “Save As Draft”, and then realised there was a stack of other posts that I’d similarly never got round to finishing. At that point I finally acknowledged what I had known deep deep down all along, which was that none of them would never see the light of day.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’m running out of things to say. Maybe I’m getting too self-conscious of the audience this blog has. Maybe, worst of all, I’m getting bored of blogging. I’m not sure. But whatever it is, it looks like I need a break from it. I don’t how long – I could go cold turkey and be back in a week, or I might feel so liberated I won’t bother for a year. I might even do an idea I’ve lazily entertained, which is give up this blog entirely and start writing elsewhere under an anonymous identity.

Whatever it is, I won’t be writing here for a bit. I might still run a linklog and take photos, but I won’t write properly until I feel it’s worth the effort again. Till then, seeya.

19 thoughts on “Fuck this, I’m off…

  1. :(

    Bye Chris; I really hope you come back, as people actually researching their blogs properly before posting them is a rare art, and I really appreciate it.

  2. As above ^

    Yours is the only blog I know of where the person’s opinions are so well articulated, with no arrogance and enjoyable to read.

    Take your time, but don’t give up entirely…! :)

  3. I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite a while now and am sad to that you’re calling it a day for now. Enjoy your new found free time though and I look forward to your hopeful return someday.

    All the best.

  4. A few things I have discovered over the last year and a half. Any blogger who actually spends any time thinking about what they write has a pile of saved draft posts; most bloggers think about quitting from time to time; and all bloggers should take a holiday a few times a year.

    Hope you’ll be back soon, but if not, it’s been nice knowing you, and you’ll be missed.

  5. I hate to add a “Me too!” but erm… me too.

    I took a break about this time last year from blogging and life generally, and then I came back reasonably energized. So I hope you come back. Besides, you’re one of the very few intelligent well-thought blogs that I do read! The rest is just drivel really ;-)

  6. Pah! Good riddance, I say. With the research and the broad scope and the reasonableness – we don’t need your sort. The internet is a place for photoshopped pictures of Domo-Kuns, and quizzes about which member of Nickleback you are. Take your so-called “intelligence” back to the library, poindexter!


  7. NO! At the risk of stroking your ego, NO! I for one will be gutted, mainly for the reasons outline above and because it’s nice to read erudite posts; that is, let’s face it something of a rarity online. Oh well, I guess all that’s left is to call you a pussy for wimping out ;)


  8. I’ve got you down as my ‘fave blog’ on my website, so I’m buggered if you stop writing stuff.

    I’ve got more drafts saved than posts as well. Lately I’ve just decided to go back to writing any old shit, like I have for 6 months. It doesn’t matter thats its a pile of crap, I’m the only one I do my blog for, no-one else, thats my attitude, if others like it as well, thats a bonus.

    Everyone has their mind go blank from time to time. I find posting comments on other blogs more stimulating for writing posts than just ‘trying to think of things to write’. Let it be natural and if blogging really is getting you down then you are taking it too seriously.

  9. I’ll chime in with the compliments. I’m only a part-time reader of the site, but I still enjoy what’s here, and you’ve got a good writing style. I enjoy this place so much so that when I lost the bookmark to this place the only way I could fid it again was to googe for the election map, since I had no chance of remembering the random sequence of letters used in the url.

    I won’t demand you come back though, since its entirely up to you whether you want to write or not, so I wish you well on whatever you do. I expect however, that the writing bug will bite after a while of being away, as I usually find any break from something I enjoy doing does the same for me. Have fun in whatever you do if you don’t though.

  10. Fair enough. Enjoy your time away. Bit of time off might do you good. And if you (whisper it) find something better to do* then your life will be richer for it.

    * Assuming such a thing exists.

  11. Well, you’ve managed to go cold turkey for nearly three days. The blogotine should be out of the system. Now’s when the craving’s REALLY kick in… If you can last two weeks then you should have managed the willpower to kick the habit for good – but if you’re determined, don’t give in. Just one post could get you back into the 20 a day habit, even if it’s months from now…

  12. Nooooo! I discovered this site, like, 5 minutes ago. Came in on a different page, looked around a bit, fell in love, sent the URL to ALL my friends, then looked at the homepage and found the shock news. Kinda like reading magazines backwards.

    Anyway, it’s fair enough: when stuff you do for free becomes a chore then it sucks, to put it eloquently. But still. Nooooooooooooooo.

  13. Look, don’t let this go to your head, but your Daily Mail Headline Generator was genius and your blog always has something intewresting to say. Get back to work.

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