Merry Christmas!

Well, I may have stopped blogging but I’m not a total Scrooge*. To all of you who read this blog, or like my photos, or like the Daily Mail thing, or for that matter those of you who hate what I write – have a Merry Christmas. While I’m here, there is one small thought about Christmas I’d like to preach – namely, don’t listen to anyone preaching their thoughts about Christmas; it’s such a mashed-up, complex, affair with so many cultural and spiritual roots that anyone who says there is One True Meaning is lying. Take whatever meaning you want from it, whatever makes you happy.

See you in the New Year.

* It’s just occurred to me that it’s rather unfair to call mean and dour people Scrooges – after all, the entire point of A Christmas Carol is that Scrooge redeems himself and finds his true generous self. We’re all doing the character a grave disservice.