Nearly there

Stirring somewhere deep inside me is the urge to blog again. Not sure what it’s going to be on – the contemporary orthodoxy of choice (or, why trade unions are here to stay), the perfection that is Dennis Bergkamp, why Wikipedia is becoming LiveJournal, how both tech-evangelists and neo-Luddites now totally agree with each other, why your blog is shit (yes, I’m talking about you), my thoughts on folksonomies/Amazon’s Mechanical Turk/other human services to machinekind, the f-word (and I’m not talking about “fuck”), why every time I make a Tube journey a little piece of me dies, and conversely, how to make yourself feel a little bit more alive. Oh, and my grand masterplan for a perfect society, naturally.

It could be one or many of the above. It will certainly be less pretentious and enigmatic than this post. I don’t know what I will write about, or when. I would put the choice of topic to a vote, but this ain’t a democracy; I only really posted this to tell you all I am still alive (especially those of you whose emails, to my horror, I’ve realised I’ve left unanswered). But anyway, normal service may resume sometime soon*. Promise.

* For all values of ‘soon’.

8 thoughts on “Nearly there

  1. Nah, I’ve heard the grand masterplan. Starts off okay, some good material about egalitarianism and social architectures, but starts to go downhill when he proposes a bicameral parliamentary system with the second chamber composed entirely of the surviving cast of Lovejoy. Eventually, it just descends into this bizarre rant about how everybody should have their own osprey. Somewhat disappointing.

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