Drink, drink, drink, and be ill tonight

16 April 2006

A meme from Ben. Take your date of birth from Wikipedia and tell us what happened on that day. So, on my birthday:




The day in question? Why, it’s April 16. Which is today. :-) Although as it’s Easter, I will be spending much of this afternoon waiting around in an airport, as is British tradition for this time of year. No cake and candles for me, alas. To anyone else whose birthday it is today, I wish you a Happy Birthday. For the rest of you, have a Happy Easter.

* You see, I was going to moan about unfortunate my birthday being on Easter Sunday is, as nowhere is open and everyone’s away on holiday. But then I found out it’s the Pope’s birthday, and he has it a lot worse – he’s got to go to work today.

5 Responses

Happy birthday Chris! Have a good one… why airport?

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday :) And how old are ye today?

Yes, be merry and so on…


happy birthday … and I managed to beat you in the birthday stakes by two days :-)