Boll.ocks.ed up

Hmph. Bloglines and have had a falling out, and now Bloglines isn’t displaying RSS feeds from any of the many many linklogs I read – there’s just a little red ! next to all of them. Which is a bit of a pisser really (and is why my own linklog has been updated so little). I’ve gone over to using’s networking facility to aggregate my linklogs as a temporary measure until Bloglines works out how to read feeds again, but this isn’t really the best of solutions. Anyone else had the same problem? Can anyone else recommend a better web-based feedreader?

5 thoughts on “Boll.ocks.ed up

  1. I’m using the Google Reader at the moment. I used to use Bloglines, but I found the clunky interface was actually putting me off looking at my feeds at all, and the longer you do that, the more unread ones you build up, and you get scared to even open it in the first place. Every time I logged on and Bloglines Notifier said “you have 4,523 unread articles” I got a horrible little shiver down my mouse finger.

  2. You could create a feedburner feed of the rss, that’ll clean up whatever the issue is – or at worst give you a hint of WHERE the issue is!

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