Waving, not drowning

11 May 2006

I’m busy as hell at the moment, but the following (from here, sorta via Curious Hamster) is worth blogging about, as it nearly made me fall off my chair:

Facing a drubbing in the polls serious enough to affect his long-term future, [Tony Blair’s] strategists apparently believed it was time to address the awkward question of why the electorate is angry with the Prime Minister. The conclusion reached by the planning group, which included Matthew Taylor, his senior policy adviser, and political secretary Ruth Turner, however appears to have been a surprise. “They basically said people were angry with Tony because they love him so much, and are angry because they think he might go”

Which reminded me of an exchange from this

Audience: Boo! Boo!
Burns: Smithers…are they booing me?
Smithers: Uh, no, they’re saying “Boo-urns! Boo-urns!”

3 Responses

…and that time Blair visited the school during the last general election campaign and got booed. Or rather, “boomed”, as the press officers pleaded, street patois for “gosh, aren’t you super”.

Wow, if his advisors are telling him that and he hasn’t sacked them for being stupid, sychophantic toadies he is doomed.

No they weren’t

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