I, Robot

You have to feel sorry for Peter Crouch. Mercilessly mocked for his height and nerdy looks, and endlessly patronised for his ability to play football despite being 6’7″ tall, tonight he scores England’s best goal of the game, and once again plays better in a white shirt than Michael Owen has any time recently. Yet, when he tries to perform the robot dance by way of celebration, what do his team-mates do? They turn their backs in scorn, that’s what. Bastards. He may not be the most naturally graceful of players nor the most talented, but he doesn’t deserve that. Every geek, misfit and outsider who has ever been treated the same should root for him that little bit extra this World Cup.

Although, his robot dancing is nothing compared to this guy‘s. Awesome does not begin to describe it…

3 thoughts on “I, Robot

  1. It does beg the question though – why bust your arse for 90 minutes and score goals if your team treats you like shit? If you’re judged by how much you’re like everyone else other than by your own value then maybe playing for a side that embodies that sort of thing isn’t a good idea. Either way, football’s a thug’s sport, so it’s par of the course, unfortunately.

  2. The worst thing about this was that Crouch (who I actually find to be an extremely impressive footballer who has had a huge impact on both England’s and Liverpool’s seasons) was merely being self-deprecating in performing the robot dance and mocking his own “performance” at the Beckham’s party recently. He seems like a genuinely nice guy in a sport full of cheaters and idiots.

    If nothing else it was an original celebration.

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