After years of trying, I finally get in The Guardian, with this post. “Today on the Web”, tomorrow World Domination. Only snag being that the quote they choose sounds like I’m agreeing with Nu Labs, not disagreeing… I hope those who have visited the site for more will have found that quote needs a little more context to make it clear. Still, can’t complain too much – at least they spelt the domain name correctly.

7 thoughts on “Fame!

  1. Three questions:

    1) Did they ask you before publication (did they need to… creative commons?)

    2) Did they notify you on publication?

    3) Was this why your site was down this morning?

  2. 1. They didn’t ask me, nor would they need to, Creative Commons or not – excerpts and quotations are covered under “fair use” so unauthorised usage would not be a breach of copyright.

    2. They didn’t notify me, which is an annoyance; as they don’t have it on their website, I couldn’t work it out via Technorati or similar. If Ben hadn’t told me it would have probably passed me by.

    3. I have no idea – I didn’t even know it was down…

  3. How many hits do you think you’ve had from it? I was once quoted by the BBC on their BBC2 website, I got 3 measly hits from it however I was chuffed to bits.

    Enjoy your fame you certainly deserve it.

  4. Ah, but is your reproduction of their reproduction of your work covered under fair use / CC license? Not sure…

    Congrats though: v. cool stuff.

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