3 August 2006

Oh no. The Daily Mail have discovered del.icio.us. Well, they only use it to link to their own stories, but you can still use it to find out what’s on Middle England’s mind: popular tags include “health”, “celebrity” and “showbiz”, although sadly “asylumseekers” and “scroungers” have not yet made an appearance.

Still, it provides a neat summary of what is in the paper without having to read or even pay for the damn thing. Some select items from the past few days:

Yeah, I’m finally back. Got about a million Bloglines posts to run through first though. And I need to tidy up this site a bit. Bloggage will be quite slow

5 Responses

It’s gratifying how few links there are for ‘and N other people’….

I’ve only seen one such link (scanning about half their links, in no particular order), and that only has 1 other person.


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Now, that’s what I call profound, meaningful spam.

Bollocks, now that means I can’t delete it without Ben’s comment appearing totally out of place.

Delete it and my comment, by all means – hardly the most significant thing I’ve ever written.

Still, if it was my blog, I’d keep that one as a lasting tribute, in honour of the brave spambot that didn’t pretend to be human; a casino; or a Florida-based no-win-no-fee lawyer. (This comment is so getting referred for moderation.)