The Sun caught napping by this newfangled Interweb thing

A quick resumption of my mini-break from blogging for this absolute gem: Today’s Sun has the typically understated PERVHUNT.COM as its front-page headline – an article about some Government website ( publishing the details of paedohpiles on the run. Unfortunately, given that many people might be under the mistaken impression that was the site’s actual address, they didn’t check to see if a site was already there. There wasn’t.

So a member of Popbitch has registered the domain instead. And he’s currently taking requests. At the moment the site redirects to the Sun’s own “Page Three rookies” page, where barely-legal teenagers get them out in a harmless bit of fun (warning – NSFW). But I’m sure there are better sites to redirect to. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “The Sun caught napping by this newfangled Interweb thing

  1. The Guardian had a report some time last week of two guys who had set up their own version just before this story broke… it was called or something… basically they go online in chatrooms pretending to be little girls and get people to view webcam with them… the dirty old man going first. They then reveal that they are in fact lads in their mid-20s and get a screen cap of the perv cringing in horror, which they then post on the site.

    The Guardian asked the police for comment, they said it was irresponsible. Obviously the two sites don’t work on quite the same principles but the timing of the police website is almost too close to be coincidental…

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