Upgrade time

23 February 2007

Finally taken the plunge and upgraded to WordPress 2.1. And while I’m at it I’ve ditched the old theme and started with a blank canvas. A new design will gradually fall into place, bit-by-bit, wiki-style, over the coming weeks.

4 Responses

How did the upgrade go? Any problems? Any advice? You free to help me with mine this weekend? ;-)

See you soon, A

It was quite painless, actually. Deleting all the original WP install files (themes & plugins excepted) was a little hairy but no more so than usual.

The only advice I would give is make sure you upload the javascript files in ascii format not binary. I uploaded them in binary and it shags the autosave/publishing routine meaning you lose posts when you publish.


Ta – I think I had the FTP client in ‘auto’ mode so it should have uploaded them in the most appropriate mode, but I’ll give them a reupload under ASCII just in case…