I’m in ur Paxman challengin ur un1versity

4 April 2007

PaxoAck, I’ve not been able to blog much recently, but then I hear from my spies the quite frankly delicious news that an authority no less than University Challenge has acknowledged my very own Daily Mail Headline Generator. From the most recent episode, Jeremy Paxman himself uttered the following words:

“Can asylum seekers give your house prices AIDS?” is a typical result from an internet site which generates headlines from which newspaper?”

To quote Joss Stone, big love to whichever University Challenge researcher thought it an appropriate question to ask. And special thanks to both Sahra-Marie and Chris, for between them independently pointing out this highly improbable news. I only wish I had YouTube video of the moment so that I could prove beyond all doubt this actually happened; my mother would be so proud, especially as I never actually made the grade for competing in University Challenge myself…

Update: James, you’re a star. He had a copy of the clip, which I have now uploaded onto YouTube and you can enjoy below:

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Big congrats! That’s huge!

p.s. if you had a more pronounceable domain, do you think you would have been credited on air? ;-)

I think it was trade unionists, not asylum seekers. And he also quoted one about feminism, although in the nature of the thing it’s hard to say which one.

Armand – it’s pronounced ‘qwghlm’. HTH.


Hope this helps:


I couldn’t be arsed to put it on youtube, but I guess someone else can.

Yes, I have too much time on my hands.

Very cool!


Brilliant and as the Daily Mail never changes your headline generator will always be relevant.


Paxman is the best ! Pure Brilliance :)!


Can I seek asylum on your island Jeremy?