Fuelling doubts

This week the United Nations released a report on the possible impact of biofuel production in the 21st century. While its proponents laud it as a panacea for combating global warming and bringing potential for economic development, the report also argues that it could create food shortages, lead to extinction of already-threatened species and fall far short of filling the looming energy gap. The report itself has been mocked for being too waffly – but then again, it is the UN. Regardless, it is an important issue and by a timely coincidence tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am BBC Radio Five Live will air “Fuel’s Gold”, a discussion programme on the issue, the centrepiece of which is a documentary written and presented by my friend Damian – did I mention this post was a shameless plug? Sorry. My own personal interest in the programme inside, it promises to be a timely and illuminating look at an aspect of the environment that is all too often spun and simplified in favour of the needs of special interests and politicians desperate to demonstrate action on global warming, so do listen if you can.